From Our Clients

Thanks again for your help on such short notice, we are really impressed. Will spread the good word about your company.


Thank you so much for the prompt, kind, and patient service you provided form start to finish. Especially since the main reason for my call didn't even need fixing as it turned out! Just a little education on my part.

Some might have seen this as a "waste" of their time, but your guys were nothing but helpful, understanding and supportive.

There were happy to get the rest of my small job done. That to me, is huge, and had been getting in the way of fixing other things.

To someone struggling alone to maintain things, this kind of help means more than you know.

C. Lincoln Duncan

We really feel like we recieved exceptional service from HB so thank you very much! Colin was here within 15 minutes of our call. He had it quickly diagnosed. And then solved first thing the following morning. It couldn't have worked out any better for us here. No shop downtime, no fires and no expensive parts. Yay!

Thank you very much for the excellent help!

Thank you to the guys for getting us all sorted out. I think it's working right now, better than before. We have been having problems with the electrical for a long time, so really appreciated you guys getting down to the bottom of it.


Each year, we nominate businesses for their efforts, contribution, and great partnerships. This year, we'd like to recognize you for your continued excellent service to our Ocean Farms Hatchery! You've been available night and day, seven days a week, even in these trying times. Thank you!

David Kiemele

Yesterday, I experienced what I anticipated was an electrical emergency, and I want to commend your company for the promptness, efficiency and excellent customer service that I received from Colin and Cole in attending to the situation. It was especially great to deal with a local company, and I recommend them highly.

Sharron, Duncan
Oct. 1, 2021

Thank you HB Electric!

My family has done business with HB Electric for 40 years and again today Dave proved that their customer service is second to none. Thank you Dave for being there and helping (as you always do) whenever we need you. Over the years you and your crew have done everything from changing out breakers to fully rewiring our entire farm and we couldn't be happier with your professionalism and service every single time.

Thank you!
Kevin Westwick
Chartered Professional Accountant

We would like to commend your company and your electrician, Rob, for the excellent service we received this week. We had help the very day we called and Rob was terrific. He was personable, informed me of exactly what was happening and what his plan was, and he seemed very diligent in carrying it out. We were very pleased with your service!
Thank you.

Mary Kae (and Ron) Smith

Thank you HB Electric!
Eric & HB Electric

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my last minute call on Thursday afternoon for Clements Road. Your above and beyond efforts were hugely appreciated and I wouldn't have found better service anywhere else.

Thank you Again!
Carlea Tuck, Ardent Properties

Thank you Again! - Leslie & Lynn Thank you HB Electric!
Dave & rest of HB Electric

Thank you. Actually lost for words. Never did anything so unexpected which was very nice in a long time. Special thanks to Ron for listening to my mother and me and putting up with my stress. Another unbelievable thanks to you Dave. Your generosity is very kind.

Hi Dave,

On Friday I was in a bind with my water pump. I sought an electrician and after many phone calls I found you. I have just finished a major building project an had difficulty with several of the contractors. I wish I had found you sooner! Your company and staff are very polite and professional, your service is excellent and your pricing is fair. I will use your company for all my future projects. Congratulations to you and your staff.

Best regards,
Kel Stone

Over the long week end a fuse on the power pole outside the building blew up, thereby wiping out power to the building, although with the three level system there was power intermittently. No birds or squirrels were blown up that we could find (thats usually what happens).

So what this means is that for many of you, your power will have gone on and off a few times and alarms sounded and fire alarms sounded like wounded dogs for awhile  and lights worked sometimes and fax machines powered up and off a few times.   Our electrician figured it out, powered down the whole building, called BC Hydro, waited with me for them to show up, they replaced the fuse on the power pole on Duncan St., checked the transformer by the building and then the electrician powered up the building, checked fuses and switches and declared it all clear and fine.  And then I reset the timers etc, so hopefully the lights on timers will be normal, and the door lock is on a back up battery anyway so it should all be good.

That said you may have to reset your electrical appliances, clocks  and machines when you get into the building.

Thanks to Dave at HB Electric for showing up as soon as I called, and to the guys at BC Hydro who were on call this long weekend.

Have a lovely short work week.

Dear Sir:

The two young fellows did a good job, they know what they are doing. I thank them for doing good work.

Yours truly,
W. Chute
Happy New Year!


Thanks for a job well done! Your guys are great.

Carol Birch

 Very, very happy with Dave - fixed it instantly. God that Guy is good!!!

Mrs. Lauzon, Cowichan Bay



HB Electric - specializing in the Impossible

Once again thank you to your crew for their service.

Best regards

thanks HB Electric for a great job


HB Electric Commercial and Residential Electricians for Vancouver Island
On June 9th, I talked to Howard regarding some work that I needed done in my store. The job, to me, seemed like a big one, but that same afternoon there was someone at my store giving me a rough estimate and said, "oh sure, we can do that no problem".

Sure enough, on June 16, two of your men showed up at my store bright and early with a sheet and outline what to do. The greatest part is this, I own a computer store, and was concerned about down time, having to have all of my repair benches turned off, and other such problems that can happen with electrical. In the 4 hours that they were at my store I didn't have one PC down, no interruptions in my day and the job was done to perfection. I couldn't be happier. It's the way my store should have been wired in the first place. 

Thanks again for the quick response, fast work and great pricing. 

Rob Townsend
Sneakers Computers

Dave was the most knowledgeable and proficient electrician and fan installer. Compliments.

John Dure

Thanks for doing such a good and prompt job for us! 

Peace and joy,
Donna Hert




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